Update – Sugar Detox

A couple of new things this week.  After my last workout I saw a CNN article regarding sugar consumption and a 31 day detox plan.  You can catch the main article here.  As I have not lost much weight with my current activity level I thought it would be a quick experiment.

Now I do love sweets like the vast majority of Americans.  I tend to over indulge  in chocolate and baked goods.  I also tend to over eat at dinner time as if there a famine imminent.  I need structure.  I need a set of rules so I can refer to get me by the difficult times of dieting.  I do not expect Hugh Jackman physique, but I want to feel healthy and look healthy without enjoy food.  The diet focuses on controlling your amount of sugar/starchy items back into your diet after a 3 day detox.  I see it as a way to promote smart eating.  Something that I always struggled with.

I digress.  The article is a good read and I think the plan is very reasonable.  I started the first leg of the detox (3 days of only meat and non-starchy/sweet vegetables) on Sunday, 6/11.  It wasn’t terrible.  It would have been a little more enjoyable if I had a better selection of meats and veggies in my house but I made due.

I am now on the second leg which is the remaining week where I get to incorporate 1 serving of apple, dairy and sweet vegetable (snap peas, carrots, etc) back into my diet.  I had a glass of whole milk and unsweet applesauce.  It was a nice way to top off my ‘detox’ lunch.

I really haven’t been tempted by sugary foods yet.  My coworker brought in some homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.  They look super delish, but I still have yet waned.  Go me!

I also decided to take a week of from my workouts so I can adjust to the new diet.  I will be back at it hard come Sunday!

Stay tuned!


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