Update + WOD 6/25/17


I am starting a new routine.  I will workout in the wee hours of the morning so I can focus on work related training during my workday lunches and follow up with my WordPress training in the evening.  Man my life is so routine!

Starting this Sunday and every Sunday thereafter I will post workout results with my current weight.  It’s a good way to keep track of my results!

Without further ado….

Dumbbell Workout – 15 lbs; 5 reps/workout
– Row
– Clean
– Press
– Jerk
– Walking Lunge
Rest 30-45 seconds; Repeat 2 more times

1 Round – 4-Minute Belly Destroyer

Cool up and cool downs were included – usually about 60-90 seconds


My results:
Duration: 19:36 minutes
Avg. HR: 128 bpm
Calories: 102
Weight: 167.2 lbs



I have been slacking, both blogging and workouts.  I am back on track and you will see a few workouts that I did a few days ago but never got around to post.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day. This is the second weel of the sugar detox. I did pretty good today and has an excellent dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. A Top Sirloin cooked medium with good seasoning with grilled asparagus and zuccini. I should have stopped there but I succumbed to a apple crisp skillet. It was really good. And it wasnt too bad as I shared it with my wife.

Tomorrow I am back on track and start working out again. I should see some decent weight loss after this week. 

Stay thirsty my friends. 

Update – Sugar Detox

A couple of new things this week.  After my last workout I saw a CNN article regarding sugar consumption and a 31 day detox plan.  You can catch the main article here.  As I have not lost much weight with my current activity level I thought it would be a quick experiment.

Now I do love sweets like the vast majority of Americans.  I tend to over indulge  in chocolate and baked goods.  I also tend to over eat at dinner time as if there a famine imminent.  I need structure.  I need a set of rules so I can refer to get me by the difficult times of dieting.  I do not expect Hugh Jackman physique, but I want to feel healthy and look healthy without enjoy food.  The diet focuses on controlling your amount of sugar/starchy items back into your diet after a 3 day detox.  I see it as a way to promote smart eating.  Something that I always struggled with.

I digress.  The article is a good read and I think the plan is very reasonable.  I started the first leg of the detox (3 days of only meat and non-starchy/sweet vegetables) on Sunday, 6/11.  It wasn’t terrible.  It would have been a little more enjoyable if I had a better selection of meats and veggies in my house but I made due.

I am now on the second leg which is the remaining week where I get to incorporate 1 serving of apple, dairy and sweet vegetable (snap peas, carrots, etc) back into my diet.  I had a glass of whole milk and unsweet applesauce.  It was a nice way to top off my ‘detox’ lunch.

I really haven’t been tempted by sugary foods yet.  My coworker brought in some homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.  They look super delish, but I still have yet waned.  Go me!

I also decided to take a week of from my workouts so I can adjust to the new diet.  I will be back at it hard come Sunday!

Stay tuned!


Apologies for the delay on posting workouts.  I try to publish my results the same day but recently I have been busy with work and life (aka family).  I am starting to do some WordPress training modules so my wife and I can get our business off the ground.  This weekend I should be pretty consistent with updates as I’m a single dad this weekend with my oldest son (2.5 yrs old) so I will have lots of free time.

Speaking of free time a good friend of mine gave me advice about having kids.

“You do not realize how much free time you have until you have a child.  This holds true when you have a second child.”

So true.

Have a good weekend y’all!Weekend with oldest son!

‘Cheat Day’

I’m overweight.  I am 5’8′ and weigh 174 lbs.  This is based on the traditional BMI scale which does not take into account muscle mass, but I was in my best shape in 2009.  At that time I was doing homebrew CrossFit workouts during my lunch, ate more consistently and weighed 162 lbs.  Granted, I still could not see my abs but I felt strong and my arms had definition.

I plan on reducing my bread/potato intake down to zero for 30 days and cut out any extra sweets and sugary foods (Chocolate is the bane of my health diet.  Curse you chocolate!).  Brown rice is the exception.  I was doing fairly well this week, but broke down and joined my coworker for lunch at McDonald’s.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries and a Coke.  Damn Coke.  So good, but not good for my goals.

Ah.  I digress.  My goal is to get back down to 155-160 lbs by mid-summer and working out 5 – 6 days a week.  I alternate running days with light weight/CrossFit days.  Workouts tend to last on average 20 minutes.  I heard that 70% of the work is in the diet alone.  If I can at least accomplish this and splurge once in a while I should be in the best shape of my life coming Summer 2017!

As great Yoda said, ‘Do or do not.  There is no try’.